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Volume 44(8); Aug 2001
Social Role of Health Care and Doctor's Obligation
Myung Ho Hong
J Korean Med Assoc. 2001;44(8):802-805.   Published online August 10, 2016
Focused Issues of This Month
Longevity Science and Longevity Culture
Sang Chul Park
J Korean Med Assoc. 2001;44(8):806-812.   Published online August 10, 2016
Is Senescence Irreversible Phenomenon? - Senescence-Phenotypes and Induction Mechanisms
Eun Seong Hwang
J Korean Med Assoc. 2001;44(8):813-822.   Published online August 10, 2016
Problems in Nutritional Intake of the Elderly in Korea
Mee Sook Lee
J Korean Med Assoc. 2001;44(8):823-842.   Published online August 10, 2016
How to Promote Health in the Elderly
Tai Ryoon Han
J Korean Med Assoc. 2001;44(8):843-850.   Published online August 10, 2016
Clinical Characteristics of Centenarians - A study on the Korean Centenarians
Yoon Ho Choi
J Korean Med Assoc. 2001;44(8):851-859.   Published online August 10, 2016
What Makes Geriatric Medicine/Longevity Medicine Different from Conventional Medicine?
Cheol Ho Kim
J Korean Med Assoc. 2001;44(8):860-865.   Published online August 10, 2016
Continuing Education Columns
Radiofrequency Thermal Ablation of Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Hyo Keun Lim
J Korean Med Assoc. 2001;44(8):866-874.   Published online August 10, 2016
Laser-Types and Clinical Application
Young Chul Kye
J Korean Med Assoc. 2001;44(8):875-882.   Published online August 10, 2016
Diagnosis and Treatment of Heat Stroke
Rock Kwon Kim
J Korean Med Assoc. 2001;44(8):883-893.   Published online August 10, 2016
Journal Article
Hypoglycemic Convulsion and Loss of Consciousness
Dong Heon Kim
J Korean Med Assoc. 2001;44(8):894-899.   Published online August 10, 2016
Pharmacotherapy of Osteoporosis
Young Ki Min
J Korean Med Assoc. 2001;44(8):900-906.   Published online August 10, 2016
Journal Articles
Acquisition and Loss of Medical License
Ho No Joo
J Korean Med Assoc. 2001;44(8):907-920.   Published online August 10, 2016
Payment System of Resource - based Relative Value Scale
Woong Sub Park
J Korean Med Assoc. 2001;44(8):921-926.   Published online August 10, 2016
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