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Ko and Kim: Diagnosis and Conservative Treatment of Common Foot Diseases


The foot is an essential organ in the locomotion and activity of our daily living, however, its importance has always been underestimated, and foot diseases have not received much attention either from patients ormedical doctors. Recently with the advancement of technology and sophistication of modern life, one can witness a growing interest in various foot diseases in conjunction with an increased trend of many medial centers opening special foot clinics. Unlike in other musculoskeletal parts, the diagnosis of a foot disease is easy through simple history taking and physical examination, and also the treatment is relatively easy. One important thing to keep in mind is that many foot diseases result from wearing inappropriate shoes therefore the diagnosis of a foot disease should always involve an examination of the patient's shoes, and in some cases patients may require a therapeutic prescription of special shoes. It is the objective of this paper to discuss diagnostic approachesand conservative treatment modalities in common foot diseases.


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